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Communiqué pour diffusion immédiate (Montréal, le 26 avril 2018). La Société de formation à distance des commissions scolaires du Québec est heureuse d’annoncer les noms des trois récipiendaires des Bourses de la SOFAD 2018. Il s’agit de :»

Releases- May 1, 2018

New releases

Geometric Representation in a Fundamental Context 1MTH-4173-2

The aim of this course, which is the third in the Secondary IV Science sequence, is to develop the learner’s skill to deal with situations that require the geometric design, description or representation of a physical space or object (two-dimensional or three-dimensional).

Algebraic and Graphical Modelling in a General ContextMTH-4151-1

The aim of this course, which is the first in the Secondary IV Cultural, Social and Technical sequence, is to develop the learners’ skill in dealing with situations that involve using an algebraic or graphical model to represent a dependency relationship between quantities.

Occupation and Training960-501

The Occupation and Training learning guide conforms in all respects to the program leading to a Diploma of Vocation Studies (DVS 5357) in Secretarial Studies.